As we head into December and into the holiday season, let us take a pause by warming our hearts by this beautiful fire. How are you doing?  How do you feel at this time of year?

For some of you there may be joy and excitement with this time of year and for some it is a difficult time of the year. I have personally been in my cave and have been dreaming a lot and needing lots of time in nature. So the bustling of all of the shoppers and crowds takes some navigating!

Certainly, there are many potential stressors that we all may face, from dealing with line ups, crowds and shopping to overwhelm and anxiety due to family pressures, expectations and social demands.

Whatever we are experiencing, we all need to practice self-care to meet these potential stressors.

Here is a list of  9 Radical Self Nourishment tips to consider practicing this month.

1. Connect with Nature. Take a time out from the busyness and take a walk outside at your local park, backyard or ravine to clear your head. Sit against a tree. Feel your feet on the earth and entrain with the earth. Reflect on the cycles of Nature and how they relate to your own cycles in your life. Express your gratitude to nature by making a heartfelt offering which could be a song, a sound, some cornmeal, sage or any other gift.2. Move your body. Stay in your body while you consciously practice yoga, dance, walk, run, Tai Chi, martial arts, swim, or any other movement that feels good to you.

3.  Breathe. Practice conscious breathing everyday to influence your state of mind. Try 10 or more slow deep breaths to calm your mind. Start where your breath is and build up an even ratio over 10 breaths without straining. Notice the pauses between each cycle of breath. This can be done at work, on the bus or anywhere!

4. Feel your feelings. Allow yourself to feel what you feel. If there is sadness, grief, depression, loneliness acknowledge it and take care of it.  Find ways to express yourself, whether it is through journalling, sounding, art making, or sharing with a trusted loved one. If you need additional support find a trusted professional (therapist/healer/energy practitioner)that can hold space for you.

5. Do what you love. Nourish your passion. Take some time to becreative, (sing, play music, sound, dance, paint, draw, do puzzles, do photography, write, read a novel etc.) and have fun! Schedule play dates with yourself at least once a week.

6.  Practice healthy boundaries. Learn to say no. When we say no we are saying yes to ourselves which is key to our self care.

7. Finding Centre. There are many ways to come home to your centre whether it is through sound, chanting, yoga, meditation, dance, walking the labyrinth, ceremony or yoga Nidra, an ancient yogic practice of deep relaxation. (You can sign up for and receive your gift of Yoga Nidra)

8. Gather in community. As humans we need community to be whole. Yet sometimes we feel isolated and disconnected from family and community. Find ways to reach out to existing communities and or seek new ones.
9.  Co-creating meaningful ceremony. In the West many ceremonies have lost their meaning and have left a spiritual void. Participating in meaningful ceremony or creating our own that resonates with our core values can bring us into a state of deep peace and deep reverence for life and nature. This is true nourishment for the soul.

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