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Radical Self Nourishment

I am deeply honoured to have the opportunity to experience Deborah’s gifts, experience, Presence, and authenticity through her Radical Self Nourishment Series….. I am in awe and inspired by Deborah’s ability to flow, surrender and trust with that which unfolds spontaneously in each workshop. I learned so much by simply witnessing and the “mirrors” that each participant reflects back…..The workshops fulfilled my longing to learn, witness and share authentic connections. As well as the longing to learn from a gifted teacher, role model and medicine woman….. Radical Self Nourishment through Deborah offers an inclusive and infinitely accepting safe space for wisdom, repressed emotions,  and divine revelation to manifest with ease and lighteness….RSN is one of the most potent & gentle healing practices that allows one to feel – grounded, clear, inner peace, quiet mind, and genuine love & connection for self and others. Results have continued to unfold for me long after the end of a session.
Noreia Sacoor

Remote Healer & Intuitive Business Advisor

Before I joined RSN during covid I was focusing on problems and on other people and was neglecting myself. Through the 7 Week Program I released my stress reaction to the crisis and have increased my serenity and capacity to care for my health and well being. RSN was deeply nourishing and kept me accountable for my self care. The ceremonial format both enriched my Spiritual experience and helped me take doable actions to practice self care every day! It opened up a weekly space for me to relax and receive soothing and self-replenishing practices that I can do whenever I need them. Deborah brings an openness, a reflective space, magic, compassion and deep understanding to others and I felt blessed to receive her gifts.

Maria Mar

Artist-Storyteller - Shaman

In her Radical Self Nourishment program, Deborah offers an excellent space for you to dive into your own spiritual practice and self-nourishment. Each session is its own ceremony, unraveling uniquely. Deborah was committed towards supporting my nourishment and evolution, both individually and as part of a group. Deborah enhanced each session with meditations, sound journeys, chants, as well as teachings which were grounded in ancient vedic wisdom. This program offers techniques and practices for cleansing, cultivating joy, developing a unique practice catered to your own needs, and tools for accessing deeper self awareness. 

I entered this course with an open heart, and had the opportunity to first work through releasing some difficult and limiting beliefs. After working through my own challenges, I found a lot of strength and support in the various practices that Deborah offered. In particular, I enjoyed her cleansing sound journey, and the healing power of vedic chanting. 

When you enroll, expect to dive deeply into examining and understanding what practices will serve you best on your path in this life. A supportive group, and a great space to share, you will witness your own evolution over the course of these seven weeks.


“This program is an incredibly special experience and feels like a gift you are giving yourself. It is rare that you meet and can sit with a group of people (women in the case of our group) and share from the deep core of your being. The openness this group container and space provides feels natural, healing, and deeply needed. Deborah is a beautiful soul who offers many pathways to explore ourselves through meditation, movement, sound, and our connection to nature. I’ve had our course page open in my web browser the whole time (and still do), 10 weeks now! It is comforting to know these practices are there, I turn to them daily and have a few favourites at the moment. I am finding that life is echoing the work I am doing internally. it is an easier opening to my heart’s desires and I have more patience within my family dynamics. Caring for yourself is the most important thing you can do. It reverberates through all of your relationships and experiences going forward. I definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to put themselves first, so everything in life can follow.

Anika Qureshi (Artist, Designer, Mother, Human.)

“I am so grateful to Deborah for guiding us through 7 weeks of incredible nourishment and insight –it is like pulling back the veil one layer at a time and finding hidden treasures along the way!”

Peig Abbott (Artist, Sculpture)

“My experience with the RSN course was that it gave me permission to tap into my feelings and my sense of play. I was reminded that nourishing my Self is my sacred responsibility and that I am worth great nourishment. I was unaware that I was blocking true contentment and good will in my life…. I felt supported and reminded that I am making a commitment to myself. I also benefitted from receiving insights about my own inner world reminding me that I am truly a joyful being with lots to share. I learned that consistence is the key to nourishing my life and following a template that supports my daily reconnection to my heart. Deborah radiates and embodies a deeply compassionate and kind heart. Her presence is loving and welcoming. She listens and reflects teachings that support an individual’s need and weaves it into the group’s field of good will and love of others. I also enjoyed hearing other participants’ insights and progress along our shared journey. I liked how our stories and “ah ha” moments weaved together a common thread.”

N. Benoist

As I integrate Deborah’s recent 7-week Radical Self Nourishment program, I’m really appreciating so much about the program. The 5 yogic concepts of what it means to take care of myself in a coherent way was perfect to learn about and lean into as I continue to heal and process grief from some big losses in my life. Deborah’s inviting presence and embodied wisdom was incredibly inspiring and healing, and I’ll be using what I learned and experienced in an active way going forward (vs. filing RSN away as just another teaching). Thank you Deborah!

A. Evans

Before taking the Radical Self Nourishment Program I was struggling with finding the time and the “right” to be with myself in a meaningful way. Through the program I acquired practices, ideas and tools that have increased my capacity for self care and appreciation…radical self nourishment!

Nurse (2013 program)

I learned so many incredible things through your Radical Self Nourishment Program. I have never taken a program like this before. Never have I felt more nourished and nurtured. Deborah’s wisdom, capacity for love and compassion are so beautiful….Just being able to be myself, my true self in this group, being open and sharing was really freeing. In exploring the Niyamas (attitudes to self) the way you did in this program, I felt like I learned more in 8 weeks than I have in 18 years!
Kimberley M

Intro to Radical Self Nourishment has been an amazing experience! Just like being in front of Deborah, this powerful, wise, inspiring abuela, feeling the love of what she does, helping me remember that we can enjoy our path, and everything we do on it. This workshop gave me more lights for my spiritual path, remembering the importance of practice, from the concrete to the subtle world, enjoying the matter to be closer to Great Spirit. My deep gratitude!
Lorena Valdes

Reiki Master/Sound Healer

The 7 Week RSN program was a wonderful container for self awareness, discovery and inquiry and it has served to ground me in these times of great turmoil in the world. One of my biggest takeaways was how powerful it has been to incorporate sound and mantras into my everyday practice!

Libbie Oag


Life is a great teacher. As life with its cycles of happiness, suffering, contentment, anxiety, joy and sadness unfolds, I realize that I need to rely on teachings that will nourish me. I need to be able to rely on the wisdom that I absorb from these teachings in order to live my life skillfully, no matter what the challenges are and my responding emotions to them. I have always learned best from teachers who live their teachings with passion and this is what I found in Deborah. Namaste
Maureen Kay

(2014 Elora program)

Radical Self Nourishment reminded me of what a sacred space we all hold and how powerful our energy can be, especially with the use of sound. Deborah’s Intro to Radical Self Nourishment workshop in Cusco, Peru was magical, invigorating, and inspiring, and the space created felt completely safe, comfortable and supportive. If you are searching for yourself, new tools to add to your tool kit, or just a few hours for nourishing your spirit I would highly recommend this workshop. Thank you for reminding me of my own power and sacredness, Deborah!

Participating in Radical Self Nourishment echoers was a beautiful opportunity to deepen my understanding of the Yogic attitudes (Niyamas) in an embodied and integrated way. Deborah has a unique way of connecting ancient yoga philosophy with nourishing Shamanic rituals bringing sacred awareness to the practice of Self care.

Amy Nassar
holistic doula-birth & postpartum

Radical Self Nourishment Retreats

What a radical weekend this was. I am a fan and even a lover of transformation… I never thought that I could heal through movement.. and expressive arts! This combination of Deborah Brodey’s Radical Self nourishment through Niyamas, vedic chanting, sounding and yoga ..mixed and beautifully integrated with Wendy Roman movement and Nia facilitation was MY winning combo!!! Introspection and dance … instinctual and effortless.

We as a powerful group shared through dance, words, chant, sound and even our food. Our lake dip to finish the cleansing…. magical and bonding! This weekend will stay with me for a long time. I am in awe of this powerful combination and Rhythmwood, the space, the land, the forest. Thank you for being there for me and for all… Shifting the web together and now a time for sacred sisterhood.

Maria J Diaz

Intuitive Creative Strategist

I appreciated how Deborah infused sacred ceremony to create a safe container as we dove into our cleansing retreat using sanskrit chanted with yoga, self inquiring meditations, and sound circles. It was an absolute pleasure to meet Wendy and bask in the energy of the wonderful Rhythmwood and her loving vibration and spirit of dance. I appreciated how she blended her soft caring voice with the musical and poetic selections as she led all of us through a cleansing flowing DOWH session.  Overall, there were many different aspects of the retreat that I loved: Rick’s cooking (Yummy!), the dance studio, the artwork on the walls, the hens, your dog, the trees, the sunrise at Huron Lake, the use of the drum, and all the women that attended. The environment and the loving group called forth songs from my heart. Thank you once again for everything. I am looking forward to attending another event! Much love and light!
Naomi Benoist

September 2016

I joined the retreat very last minute. I think my soul knew this was not something I could afford to miss out on. The retreat was like a little taste of heaven. The perfect combination of everything! The most validating proof of the importance of the work (and play) that we did was that time seemed to slow down entering kairos to allow just the right amount of space for everything that was needed. The space itself is wonderful. The company in the space was perfect! Thank you to my newfound sisters who laughed with me and cried with me and held me and supported me to let go in a way that I know I could only do because of your beautiful company. the combination of what we learned from Deborah and Wendy was exquisite. I loved remembering how to breathe again! And to cautiously hear the power of my voice in its beauty and non beauty. The chanting was scary and awesome. The movement was so yummy. The combination of breathing chanting voicing and movement was WOW! I can’t even find the words to describe how amazing this weekend was. Finally the greatest proof about how incredible this weekend was is that every single day since the weekend I have been able to effortlessly create space in my day to continue practising the breathing, chanting, movement practises that we learned and they are starting to shift and change as my body takes over and tells me how it wants to move and what sounds it wants to make. I feel like I am humming and more solid and at peace. as I release the pain that was stored in my body for years it’s just so weird that it feels so exquisite to move through that pain and feel the warmth that comes after….and I love it!! If you’re reading this right now and you need some radical self nourishment….when the course comes up again…all I can say is take it take it take it! dare to do the nicest thing you could ever do for yourself. And bring your sisters, your daughters, your mothers, your coworkers and delight in the biggest experience of love I have ever felt.

I was at Deborah Brodey and Wendy Roman’s fabulous retreat up North at Rhythmwood this past fall and the experience gave me insight and perspective about myself. I learned how to connect to nature and I felt safe in this environment to explore different parts of the self.  It was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend doing a Radical Self Nourishment Retreat! Thank you so much for the insightful journey!
Beverley Rosenberg


I do continue to benefit from Deborah’s teachings…It is so special to have a teacher who can create personal practices that concern the whole person… The practices have helped me cultivate an alternative voice, one that points out goodness, the goodness within and without… The practices are powerful, very grounding, and transformative. It touches me. I connect with something deeper within myself and I am grateful. Deborah does important and special work.
Fanche Ehman

Public Health Nurse

I have had the privilege of knowing Deborah Brodey for many years having met her when she first began teaching Yoga in Toronto. Since then, I have attended classes, retreats, sacred sound and vedic chanting workshops she has offered. Deborah is a gifted teacher and healer who has the ability to work across communities and issues. She embodies integrity, respect, generosity and warmth in her work.

Deborah is and has been a source of inspiration and support as I move through transitions in my own life. She has influenced my work as a therapist, yoga and meditation instructor and consultant, assisting me in finding my own voice.

And did I say she is funny? She brings humour and lightheartedness to her work. It is a pleasure to work with Deborah!

Kathleen O’Connell

Therapist, Yoga & Meditation Instructor

I am the principle of an Adult Learning Centre. I first met Deborah when she came to my school as the yoga teacher many years ago. I had very little experience with Yoga and soon found myself drawn into Deborah’s gentle and knowledgeable style of teaching. I have followed her classes and workshops ever since. They are interspersed with stories, chanting and pearls of wisdom. I became irrisistably attracted to her approach to help her students discover their inner voices through exploration of yoga, Sacred sound and ancient Vedic chanting… Deborah was instrumental in helping me find my voice and thereby increasing my self confidence and abilities to share my knowledge as well as helping me to find higher degrees of success in my professional and personal life. I am honoured to count Deborah among the most important influences in my life.
Grant Reimer

Principle of Overland Learning Centre

Sound Healing

I have been doing Finding Your Voice sessions with Deborah for a few years now, and it has been a life-changing experience for me.  Before I engaged in this very deep healing work, I had been experiencing the feeling that unseen obstacles were hampering me from full and balanced self-expression, both personally and professionally.  I was afraid of owning my voice unreservedly and expressing myself freely and powerfully.  Having healthy energetic boundaries was also an issue.

Through the regular Finding Your Voice sessions I have experienced with Deborah, much has changed and shifted.  We have transformed limiting ancestral patterns, and cleared and opened channels of energy within me that have been obscured for years. Additionally, we’ve tapped into the wisdom of nature, my body and my dreams to decipher messages and teachings that have brought me into a more balanced and connected relationship with myself, others and the earth.  The result of all this is that I have never felt as free to be myself and express myself in an open, authentic and unguarded way as I do now.  I have finally “found my voice”!

Deborah has such a unique, effective, co-creative and honouring way of producing these results, and they are achieved within the container of much compassion, deep listening, generosity, humour and warmth.  The sounding work we’ve done together is  indescribable in terms of its effects.  I absolutely love it — it has been a most profound energy alignment tool for me.  In addition to this, the depth and diversity of Deborah’s experience and knowledge has resulted in an integration of numerous teachings that have given me illuminating insights and practices that have helped me to start embodying these insights. Deborah is a wise and skillful facilitator/shaman/mentor of transformation and, in my opinion, the unique, intuitive process she has guided me through to find my voice is truly priceless in terms of its value.

Mary C. Davis

Business & Prosperity Coach The Prosperous Healer

Deborah is an old soul, full of subtle wisdom and powerful intuition. Using the beautiful gift of sounding, she encourages energy to flow throughout the body to help heal emotional wounding. Patiently working with such resonance, Deborah knows how to guide her clients to best support their body, emotions  and  psyche  so shards of the “self” can mend and past traumas and belief systems can be transcended.  Working in this way with Deborah, is truly a divine and sacred experience…. one to both savour and behold !!!
Kate B.

I love working with Deborah, she is a powerful space holder and has a confidence and intuition into what you need to hear. Over our three sessions together, I felt myself opening up and relaxing and even though I’m sometimes sceptical about energy work, I felt Deborah’s knowledge, rooted in tradition and honoring of so much more than just the body, felt very holistic and created lasting changes for me. I look forward to continuing to work with her! She is a very special woman!
Soula Gountouvas

Workshop facilitator

I am so grateful for Deborah’s work. Her teachings have been instrumental for me in connecting to my authentic voice. Deborah Is an incredible sound healer and facilitator. She holds space in a safe way that empowers others to connect to themselves and their voice.
Amy Nassar - holistic doula-birth & postpartum.

Sacred Sound/Vedic Chant:

Deborah Brodey’s voice awakens in me memory of two long trips to India more than half a lifetime ago. The purity of sound, when she chants in Sanskrit, wells up from her natural voice combined with training from masters.  She teaches with precision, so we as her students can call up, through this ancient language, the meaning and resonance that reaches to the seat of the soul.   I can also report she is a good time-keeper, able to stay with the agenda and give so much in a short time for her students to take home: musically, philosophically, spiritually.
Raje Nancy Harwood


Deborah’s understanding of sounding was transformative to me. My body and spirit learned so much from her. She is a master practitioner with a simple and elegant method of teaching: and the sound wow – the sound work just is so amazing. I highly recommend working with her if you get the chance.
Jennifer Peterson

Before I worked with Deborah I felt a lot of blockage in my throat and heart chakras that made it difficult to express myself in certain situations. I was afraid of “owning ” my voice and expressing myself freely and powerfully.  I found this workshop series to be rich and powerful due to the variety and integration of the teachings and practices Deborah shared within her unique framework…The depth of her experience and knowledge combined with her generosity and warmth were wonderful gifts to receive. I felt that I was held in a very safe and sacred co-creative space with my fellow participants and I really loved learning and using the various sacred sound practices. Both during and since participating in the series, I experienced a big opening and shift…I feel I have released a lot of old patterns…I feel less fear about expressing myself authentically and from my heart and I feel more appreciation and love for my voice as well as a deeper connection with the earth. Thank you Deborah for sharing your wonderful gifts that have allowed these breakthroughs to occur.
Mary C. Davis

Business & Prosperity Coach

Before the firmament was firm, there was sound. A workshop with Deborah Brodey is like visiting the primordial power of pure being. Deborah’s passion, breadth of knowledge and skilled guidance inspire the participant to move from brain to being. She is a life force.
Vivian Palin

Yoga Teacher

During the Sacred Sound Medicine workshop series, I cleared the blocks out of my system (on many levels) that were ready to clear! This process allowed more light in my body and opened the channel of my voice even more! Deborah has a beautiful way of holding the sacred space to allow each participant to liberate their soul filled voice as we bless each other and Mother Earth in the process! Thank you for these blessings!
Milena Vigliotta


Through our work together, Deborah has been a catalyst for some of the most monumental transformations in my life. Her ability to hold a space of nurturing, unconditional compassion has allowed me to access and embrace parts of myself I had never before been able to venture into. Every session of find your voice work we’ve had throughout the years has left me with a feeling of upliftment and integration that resonates and builds in the months and years to follow. I always feel completely safe and comfortable, knowing that my highest guidance is manifested for those hours through Deborah’s presence, and that its only intention is to nudge me to my greatest potential and evolution. There is a lightness of heart and seasoned wisdom in Deborah’s personality that allows one to dive deep into the most vulnerable places of ones psyche and enable profound healing and acceptance to occur. When teaching Vedic chant, Deborah works with a powerful sense of presence, yet in an easy going and accessible way. It is apparent both in her voice and in her capacity to transmit that she’s certainly paid her dues throughout the years, and it is with great joy that I’ve been studying this art from her.
Ivan Klimov



It has truly been an honour to witness your journey over the many years I have known you. After participating in your ceremonial offering on right relationship in High Park I must say you have really honed in on your gifts. You have an amazing ability to weave together threads from many spiritual lineages and infuse it with your own unique presence and insights. I love how you have distilled years of spiritual practice into your unique process. It is simple, yet profound and allows others to go to very deep with grace and ease. You led us through a truly co-creative experience that honoured the blend of energies in the group. Your ability to hold space in such a solid and embracing way allowed participants to safely explore tender places and yet spacious enough to allow spontaneity to freely flow. I always receive new insights when I journey with you. Your depth, wisdom, humbleness and humour make you a warm-hearted and highly skilled guide. You have such an abundance of riches to share. May many more receive the benefits of your offerings and right relationship with our beloved planet and all who dwell here be restored.
Catherine Malone

Soul Essence Interdimensional Healer & Consultant

I attended Deborah’s Ancestral Sound Healing event on October 27th in Toronto. It was the first time I experienced sound healing and a small group event designed to honour our ancestors.  I found the experience deeply healing and transporting. Deborah is a shamanic healer – her presence is like a deep river carrying us through time and her voice – as she began to sing – was like the key to an ancient lock transporting us into new worlds. Each of us present in this small group were invited to participate by expressing ourselves through sound. I found sounds in me I never knew existed – and as they rose up out of me, words came tumbling out.  The words were ” May all those who are lost be found. May all those who are lost be found. Thank you for leading me home.”   The moment I spoke these words, I felt a great grounding descend through me – like the earth rose to meet me and I stood taller and more solid than before. It was only later that I realized those words were my own anthem bringing me home to myself in a deeply new way.  I highly recommend Deborah Brodey as a woman of deep listening, heart and compassion. She is a master at what she does and when you enter her world and her work, you will be transformed.

Christiane Schull
Writer/ Life Coach/

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