About Deborah

Spiritual Guide, Yoga Teacher & Sound Healer

I am Deborah Brodey, Founder of Radical Self Nourishment, Find Your Voice and Living Reciprocity Programs. I am a Yoga Teacher, Vocal Sound Healer, Ceremonial Artist, Spiritual Guide and a member of the Inner Arts Collective in Toronto, Canada. I have an M.A. from OISE/U of Toronto in Adult Education and Transformative Learning as well as a B.A. in Anthropology from McGill University.

As a cross pollinator and spiritual guide, I create transformational ceremonial spaces for you to come into right relationship and reciprocity with Self, Earth & Community and to explore & embody the voice and its relationship to the many different dimensions.

I have an immense passion for wandering around the world and have spent many years learning from teachers, healers and Indigenous wisdom keepers from India (since 1988), Nepal, Africa, Peru, Mexico, and First Nations in North America. Over the years, these adventures have led me through magical journeys and gradual process of discovering: MY true voice, MY power from within and MY purpose.

I believe WE ALL need so much more self love, acceptance and compassion for ourselves than we realize. Most of us don’t see how much self loathing, self hatred and judgement is happening below the surface within us. This causes us to suffer very deeply and then to project it out into the world. This has caused havoc and conflict all over our planet. I believe Love, acceptance, compassion and wisdom and reciprocity are the keys to peace on the planet. When we live in right relationship with ourselves we will live in Right Relationship with our Mother Earth. That is what has led me to a life of ceremony and medicine walks.

In my years of study with healers/yogis and Indigenous Medicine Men/Women, I have received a great gift of experiencing the power of meaningful ceremony individually and communally. It has changed my life. I see ceremony as a co-creative process that unfolds moment by moment where certain conditions are created for one to go into a liminal space that is out of time. One of my favourite Individual ceremonial practices is the medicine walk.

My own experience with medicine walks over the years have been deeply healing, transformative and have repaired my relationship with myself and the earth. Medicine walks have taught me how to surrender to the Universe and over years of practice have nurtured my relationship with the Divine as I remember my Self.

“I am committed to your healing. Through co-created experiences, we will laugh, cry, surrender, chant, explore and together uncover a version of you that has been dormant and waiting to awaken to you.”

Her yoga journey began with years of study and teacher training with veteran Hatha & Raja Yoga teacher, Marie Paulyn. She has since trained extensively in the vini yoga approach of TKV Desikachar and his father Krishnamacharya with Rosemary Antze in Toronto, Canada and at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram(KYM) in Chennai, India. This refreshing approach to yoga emphasizes yoga from the inside and is taught to the individual.

Deborah fell in love with Vedic Chanting and has been studying for the last 21 years with Rosemary Antze and at Vedavani the chanting school section of the KYM.

 As a Yoga and meditation Teacher for over 23 years, Deborah has taught extensively in a variety of settings including Community Health Centres in Toronto, Social Agencies specializing in Addiction and Mental Health (Breakway-Satellite), Toronto Board Continuing Education, Yoga studios, Community groups, sports clubs, corporations, private home studios and retreat centres.

Deborah has been a singer and performer for much of her life and has studied and practiced Sacred sound and sound healing for over 21 years. Her improvised sound work began while participating for many years in Sound Circles with composer Ann Bourne where “Deep Listening” methods of Pauline Oliveros were practiced and cultivated.  She is a member of the sound healing collective, Hathorah. They have performed at various events including opening for Joanna Macy in Guelph, Ontario 2009, and at Nuit Blanche in 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 in Toronto as well as the Peace festival in Toronto.  She has been  a performer in The Gata Opera by Irene Cortes which was premiered in March 2015 and collaborated in The Gata Water Ceremony August 2016.

 Deborah is a recording artist and released her debut sound healing CD, Portals of Sound with master musician Ian de Souza in 2014. She is currently writing her book called: 7 Keys of Living Reciprocity.