Vocal Sound Healing

Hidden within your voice is your blueprint, which carries the frequencies that are key codes to activate the truth of who you are.

Vocal Sound healing applies vocal sound frequencies with intention to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body to bring about healing, health or a particular intention. Vocal sounding can be used in ceremony to journey into new terrain and other levels of consciousness to bring healing for ourselves, others, community, the earth, the plants, the waters, etc. This may be done by receiving sound or by sounding with your own voice. 

My primary interest is in empowering you to use your own voice for healing and empowerment as well as to build community and to sound for the collective. The forms of vocal sound healing that I use in my practice are: Embody your Voice work, toning, improvised intuitive sounding, sonic ceremony, mantras-vedic chant, group sound circles, sound healing baths (individual & group) and vocal sound performances.

Vocal Sound Healing is for healers, change makers and seekers who want to go on the adventure to explore and uncover the power of their own voice and who are ready to step into their personal power and uncover the voice in all of its dimensions.

Benefits of vocal sound healing:

Find and embody your voice & tap into your power from inside.

Increase energy & experience greater health and vitality.


Breakthrough energies and transmute old patterns & belief systems.


Develop your capacity of sounding and listening in reciprocity.


Cultivate more joy, creativity, magic & playfulness in your life.


Develop Lungs and breath capacity.


Improve communication and develop your leadership.


Builds Community.


Deborah’s understanding of vocal sounding was transformative to me. My body and spirit learned so much from her. She is a master practitioner with a simple and elegant method of teaching: and the sound wow – the sound work just is so amazing. I highly recommend working with her if you get the chance.
Jennifer Peterson

Vedic Chant

Vedic chanting is an ancient form of chanting from India that has been passed down orally for thousands of years. The chants were preserved through chanting rules that have kept the integrity of the chants. We will learn this form of chanting together in a one-on -one or in a group setting as part of the unbroken chain. Vedic chant is chanted in Sanskrit and is known to be deeply healing, transformative and highly beneficial to all levels of our being.

Chanting can help us develop our voices, cultivate awareness, improve memory, enhance listening, build confidence and integrate body, mind, breath and spirit. Vedic chant is a spiritual practice that incorporates discipline, develops memory and heals. It is important to chant it properly because there is a truth in the mantras that are in absolute alignment to the sound vibration.

Deborah Brodey’s voice awakens in me memory of two long trips to India more than half a lifetime ago. The purity of sound, when she chants in Sanskrit, wells up from her natural voice combined with training from masters.  She teaches with precision, so we as her students can call up, through this ancient language, the meaning and resonance that reaches to the seat of the soul.   I can also report she is a good time-keeper, able to stay with the agenda and give so much in a short time for her students to take home: musically, philosophically, spiritually.
Raje Nancy Harwood


Portals of Sound CD

Sound Medicine for Our Times!


Find Your Voice:

The Find Your Voice Sessions are an individualized process of uncovering, owning and expressing your true authentic voice in all of its aspects and levels. These sessions are highly individualized based on your needs and goals. I draw from a number of methods as is appropriate and resonates for you including: Vocal Sound work, energy work, yoga, body awareness, voice/body/movement awareness, meditation, inner child play, improvisation/intuitive singing, and nature reconnection. A session is always created within a powerful container of safety in order to work deeply.

Depending on your goals and intentions, practices are created to support you in Finding Your Voice. It is most beneficial to work consistently over a period of time for best results. I can work live in person in Toronto or we can work via Skype or phone.

Through our work together, Deborah has been a catalyst for some of the most monumental transformations in my life. Her ability to hold a space of nurturing, unconditional compassion has allowed me to access and embrace parts of myself I had never before been able to venture into. Every session of find your voice work we’ve had throughout the years has left me with a feeling of upliftment and integration that resonates and builds in the months and years to follow. I always feel completely safe and comfortable, knowing that my highest guidance is manifested for those hours through Deborah’s presence, and that its only intention is to nudge me to my greatest potential and evolution. There is a lightness of heart and seasoned wisdom in Deborah’s personality that allows one to dive deep into the most vulnerable places of ones psyche and enable profound healing and acceptance to occur. When teaching Vedic chant, Deborah works with a powerful sense of presence, yet in an easy going and accessible way. It is apparent both in her voice and in her capacity to transmit that she’s certainly paid her dues throughout the years, and it is with great joy that I’ve been studying this art from her.
Ivan Klimov


I have been doing Finding Your Voice sessions with Deborah for a few years now, and it has been a life-changing experience for me.  Before I engaged in this very deep healing work, I had been experiencing the feeling that unseen obstacles were hampering me from full and balanced self-expression, both personally and professionally.  I was afraid of owning my voice unreservedly and expressing myself freely and powerfully.  Having healthy energetic boundaries was also an issue.

Through the regular Finding Your Voice sessions I have experienced with Deborah, much has changed and shifted.  We have transformed limiting ancestral patterns, and cleared and opened channels of energy within me that have been obscured for years. Additionally, we’ve tapped into the wisdom of nature, my body and my dreams to decipher messages and teachings that have brought me into a more balanced and connected relationship with myself, others and the earth.  The result of all this is that I have never felt as free to be myself and express myself in an open, authentic and unguarded way as I do now.  I have finally “found my voice”!

Deborah has such a unique, effective, co-creative and honouring way of producing these results, and they are achieved within the container of much compassion, deep listening, generosity, humour and warmth.  The sounding work we’ve done together is  indescribable in terms of its effects.  I absolutely love it — it has been a most profound energy alignment tool for me.  In addition to this, the depth and diversity of Deborah’s experience and knowledge has resulted in an integration of numerous teachings that have given me illuminating insights and practices that have helped me to start embodying these insights. Deborah is a wise and skillful facilitator/shaman/mentor of transformation and, in my opinion, the unique, intuitive process she has guided me through to find my voice is truly priceless in terms of its value.

Mary C. Davis

Business & Prosperity Coach

I love working with Deborah, she is a powerful space holder and has a confidence and intuition into what you need to hear. Over our three sessions together, I felt myself opening up and relaxing and even though I’m sometimes sceptical about energy work, I felt Deborah’s knowledge, rooted in tradition and honoring of so much more than just the body, felt very holistic and created lasting changes for me. I look forward to continuing to work with her! She is a very special woman!
Soula Gountouvas

Workshop facilitator

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