Shaping the Future of Healing

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Friday November 23-25, 2018

Inner Arts Collective

Inner Arts Collective Symposium 

Living Reciprocity: 7 Principles of Practice on the Path of Right Relationship

with Deborah Brodey Saturday November 24, 2018

Founder of Radical Self Nourishment Programs and Find Your Voice Programs.. She is a Yoga Teacher, Vocal Sound Healer, Ceremonial Leader, Transformation Guide and a member of the Inner Arts Collective in Toronto, Canada.

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In this workshop, we will explore the importance and the meaning of “living reciprocity” as essential to Shaping the Future of Healing moving forward and how it holds the key to our very survival on our planet.

Reciprocity is an ancient teaching that is Universal to all Indigenous and original peoples around the world and is key to preserving life and living in alignment and right relationship with the Earth, each other and ourselves. It fosters right action, respect and owning our individual and collective responsibility as students and stewards of our beloved Gaia. Sadly, much of the world has forgotten this essential original teaching that maintained the balance.

In the last 50+ years in the West, there has been a great surge in popularity of diverse, ancient wisdoms from all over the world — from the Eastern traditions of Yoga and Buddhism to various Indigenous shamanic traditions. This has been contributing to a much needed shift in consciousness and an awakening to the necessity of co-creating a new world.

Yet, many people take on these ancient traditional practices superficially, without context, depth or permission. This can result in misuse, which can be deeply harmful and disrespectful to the cultures and peoples from which these practices originate, reinforcing colonization and cultural appropriation wounds.

Living reciprocity starts with honouring Indigenous traditions, practices and teachings in an authentic, sensitive and respectful way, without appropriating them. It also calls us to recognize that we live in unprecedented times of great change that require a cross-pollination of ideas and wisdom, so we can learn how to live together collaboratively and peacefully as “One Earth Community”.

In this experiential workshop we will delve into 7 principles of practicing reciprocity, along with exploring essential protocols that foster respect, reconciliation and right relationship, so we may move toward meaningful change on a personal, collective and planetary level.

See a clip from Deborah’s workshop from last year on Creating Powerful Containers.

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