Cultivating Contentment

Weekend virtual retreat for Radical Self Nourishment

Nourished Hearts Change the World

Cultivating Contentment

Weekend virtual retreat for Radical Self Nourishment

With Transformation Guide
Deborah Brodey

December 11 & 12, 2021

How can you nourish yourself the way you nourish others during this unprecedented time? As Changemakers, healers and/or Spiritual Entrepreneurs we are great givers and often face challenges around our own self care and have difficulty receiving.

Join Deborah Brodey for a deep dive into Radical Self Nourishment where we will take a pause from accumulated stress that is depleting you, to cleanse, purify, replenish and cultivate contentment from the inside out, so that you experience a deeper rooting within your Self, and claim more space for you. This is especially designed for you who are Healers and Changemakers and Spiritual Entrepreneurs, who struggle with abandoning yourself in your passion to make a difference, which may show up as a pattern of giving your energy away, putting everyone else first, leaving you feeling drained, overwhelmed and out of balance.

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