5 Attitudes to Embody Radical Self Nourishment Webinar

5 Attitudes to Embody Radical Self Nourishment

Join Deborah Brodey for a free webinar especially designed for Changemakers, Healers, Space Holders & Leaders who are struggling with their own Self Care as they care for others.

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Friday March 1, 2024 at 1 pm Eastern

Tuesday March 5, 2024 at 7 pm Eastern


Our Self care is critical for us to stay grounded and centred in these turbulent changing times especially when we feel the impact of the intensity of the collective energy field upon us. How will you stay in balance and replenish your energy in an ongoing basis that works for you? More than ever we need to increase our Self care to reclaim our energy, access our centre and find peace and stability. In this webinar you will:

Stop leaking your energy and reclaim and refocus it for yourself.
Learn the 5 attitudes you need to Embody to Nourish your Self Radically.
Experience a powerful practice that could be key to staying in balance and building your capacity to become an even more powerful holder of space for others.
Identify what is blocking you and say yes to claiming you!

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