Womb Sounding

with Deborah Brodey & Clare Kenty

Womb Sounding: Recognizing Our Strength

Clare Kenty & Deborah Brodey

Yoga Village Toronto

240 Roncesvalles, Toronto.

Sunday March 24, 3:00-6:00PM

 $40 plus hst

Welcome to the first Womb Sounding workshop of 2019! We’re deeply excited to be working with the energies of the Spring Equinox.

We have made it through the stillness and darkness of winter, we’re ready to awaken and renew ourselves with the Spring and bring the balance of the Equinox within.

Having worked deep in our shadows and the long dark nights of winter, in this workshop we are renewing our connection to the qualities we have within. We will be exploring how using those qualities can bring balance where we need it in our lives.

Where do we need balance? What qualities of strength do we recognize in ourselves?

Learn more and register here: :https://clarekenty.ca/womb-sounding-recognizing-our-strength/

In this Womb Sounding workshop we will:

Gather in Sacred Circle supported by the Earth, the Elements, the Directions & the Goddesses.

Use deep listening exercises to cultivate balance. 

Journey into the womb, connecting to our qualities of strength within.

Connect and share with one another in a sacred safe and judgement free space.

Reflect on what we discover with writing and drawing practices.

Surrender to the womb of Gaia, the Great Mother Earth.

Deepen our relationship to self and our wombspace with vocal sound.

Continue to explore our own voices as a healing tool.

Shift and/or unblock energies in the body with Reiki.

Celebrate the powerful goddesses we are.

This Womb Sounding workshop is for you if you are ready to:

Nourish Your relationship to self, your womb and Mother Earth.

Connect to the Spring Equinox and the Medicine of the Season.

Hold space and support one another in sacred circle and Divine sisterhood.

Rekindle your relationship with your strength and power.

Restore balance within and in your life.

Ready to open up and express yourself in a sacred, safe and loving space

Play and release with with vocal sound healing.

It is not a prerequisite to have been part of our previous Womb Sounding workshops, or to have had experience with womb healing or vocal sound healing. You are most welcome. All we ask is that you connect to intentions of what you would like to bring forth this year and that you come with an open heart and mind.

Sacred, safe space is of the utmost importance. In an effort to maintain the safety of the space, this event is for women and women identified people only. Cisgendered men will not be permitted.

What to bring: Your beautiful self in whatever makes you feel beautiful and comfortable, something to write on and something to write with, water to keep you hydrated, something to place on the altar (whatever you would like to be charged up with the gorgeous energy we will co-create).

About Clare Kenty

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Here’s what our beautiful sisters said about past Womb Sounding workshops:

The grandmother spirits have been walking with me since Saturday… my voice has been awakened. Thank you for inspiring such beautiful connection.

I went home from our full moon womb sounding gathering this weekend feeling that a portal had been opened… I ran a hot bath infused with the rose petals, lavender, and red raspberry leaf that carried the vibrations of our sound journey. Feeling relaxed and revived.

What a wonderful exploration and activation of primordial wisdom and sound this has been! Every detail was designed with our spiritual well-being in mind, and we even walked away with a lovely fragrant gift! The workshop’s progression felt really organic, with full permission to act and speak from a primal and vulnerable place… a truly transformative experience.

Deborah’s soundhealing journey in the end really activated my body and womb area – the power of receiving vibrations through her voice was incredible.

The Power of Sound workshop was empowering and healing for me. Clare and Deborah held space in a beautiful way, that allowed the sisterhood and sacred femininity to blossom among us women in the circle. The space was decorated beautifully and the atmosphere was intimate, safe and I felt I could be both vulnerable and strong. I could go deep within myself and open up to give, receive and share in the group.

Clare’s presence was empowering and touched my heart. Her intuition and openness towards what this specific group needed was the perfect guide through this intimate journey. I would like to go again and again and recommend it to all sisters out there!!