The Sacred Magic of Peru

11 day Journey with Transformation Guide Deborah Brodey


Are you looking for a spiritual adventure of a lifetime?

Experience the magical power of being in a circle with like minded souls, hear the voice of Mother Earth in sacred places, connect with yourself and allow yourself to look within, supported by love in a powerful safe container.

Join Deborah on a transformational journey of a lifetime to experience the power and the magic of the lands of Peru where you will:

Open yourself to the Magic and Mystery of the Ancient Sacred lands of the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Cusco & Lake Titicaca.

Have extraordinary experiences by liberating time from your everyday life, and gifting it to yourself!

Participate in ceremonies for the healing of self, others, and our planet.

Learn Practices that will support you on your journey to wholeness (including multidimensional yoga, vocal sound healing, earth wisdom, vedic chanting & ceremonial work).

Activate the new templates for Reconciliation of Feminine and masculine energies within and without.

Experience the power of healing, sharing and building community in a sacred circle.

Enjoy the culture of the land and the history of Peru and Bolivia.

Come home to yourself.

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About Deborah

I am a Transformation Guide, Sound Healer and Yoga Teacher. I have an immense passion for guiding others back to themselves through travel. I have spent many years learning from teachers, healers and Indigenous wisdom keepers from India (since 1988), Nepal, Africa, Peru, Mexico, and First Nations in North America. Over the years, these adventures have led me through magical journeys, transformation and a gradual process of rediscovering: MY true voice, MY power from within and MY purpose……..that purpose is to use my experiences to show and guide others to rediscover themselves. This can be done in many ways, yet the most powerful way is through travel – give your soul the room to surface and enough time to integrate. This is why The Sacred Magic of Peru and Bolivia is 18 days!

What people said about working with Deborah:

I am deeply honoured to have the opportunity to experience Deborah’s gifts, experience, Presence, and authenticity through her Radical Self Nourishment series….. I am in awe and inspired by Deborah’s ability to flow, surrender and trust with that which unfolds spontaneously in each workshop. I learned so much by simply witnessing and the “mirrors” that each participant reflects back…..The workshops fulfilled my longing to learn, witness and share authentic connections. As well as the longing to learn from a gifted teacher, role model and medicine woman….. Radical Self Nourishment through Deborah offers an inclusive and infinitely accepting safe space for wisdom, repressed emotions,  and divine revelation to manifest with ease and lighteness….RSN is one of the most potent & gentle healing practices that allows one to feel – grounded, clear, inner peace, quiet mind, and genuine love & connection for self and others. Results have continued to unfold for me long after the end of a session.

Noreia Sacoor

Remote Healer & Intuitive Business Advisor

I have had the privilege of knowing Deborah Brodey for many years having met her when she first began teaching Yoga in Toronto. Since then, I have attended classes, retreats, sacred sound and vedic chanting workshops she has offered. Deborah is a gifted teacher and healer who has the ability to work across communities and issues. She embodies integrity, respect, generosity and warmth in her work.

Deborah is and has been a source of inspiration and support as I move through transitions in my own life. She has influenced my work as a therapist, yoga and meditation instructor and consultant, assisting me in finding my own voice.

And did I say she is funny? She brings humour and lightheartedness to her work. It is a pleasure to work with Deborah!

Kathleen O’Connell

Therapist, Yoga & Meditation Instructor

ONLY 10 spaces! Reserve your space today