The Alchemy of Practice

Radical Self Nourishment Women’s Retreat

Radical Self Nourishment Women’s Retreat for:

The Alchemy of Practice

with Deborah Brodey & Wendy Roman

At Rhythmwood

Lion’s Head, Ontario


Join Deborah Brodey and Wendy Roman in this powerful weekend at Rhythmwood, near the beautiful shores of Lake Huron. In this weekend retreat we will dive in deep to explore, in a sacred sister circle, the yogic attitude of Tapas, which translates as Practice and Discipline. The Alchemy of Practice will be experienced through the practices of Yoga, Dance, Sacred Sound & Ceremony while being held in a safe and nourishing environment.

The purpose of this retreat is to take time out from the busyness of every day life to purify, restore, renew and nourish ourselves in preparation for the coming Summer Solstice.

In this powerful weekend we will:

Dive into the third of five powerful ancient yogic attitudes that are key to cultivating and integrating Radical Self Nourishment into your life.

Cultivate new capacities for Self Compassion, Self Love and the Art of Receiving.

Tap into the power of your voice and begin releasing old patterns and trapped energies.

Deepen your exercise of spiritual and embodiment practices for cleansing through dance, yoga, sound & sacred ceremony.

Cultivate more joy, magic, playfulness and experience greater levels of energy, health and vitality.

Retreat includes:

Friday evening program, Saturday full day and evening program, Sunday morning program.

5 homemade delicious meals (2 breakfast, 2 lunches, 1 dinner)

Accommodation, pajama party style! (or book your own B&B, cottage or motel nearby)

ONLY 12 spaces! Reserve your space today


About Wendy Roman

Wendy is a movement facilitator with a life long love of dance. Through her dance experience she has come to realize the healing opportunities that arise through movement and the gift of consciously living life in a body. She is a Black Belt Nia teacher, a Dance Our Way Home facilitator (women’s sacred dance) and a graduate of the Soul Motion Leadership program. She has been teaching movement since 2003. Wendy believes that the world needs more people in motion, moving consciously through life. Her work helps to empower the individual to find more joy and meaning in their own body and life.

What people said about the last RSN Retreat:

I joined the retreat very last minute. I think my soul knew this was not something I could afford to miss out on. The retreat was like a little taste of heaven. The perfect combination of everything! The most validating proof of the importance of the work (and play) that we did was that time seemed to slow down entering kairos to allow just the right amount of space for everything that was needed. The space itself is wonderful. The company in the space was perfect! Thank you to my newfound sisters who laughed with me and cried with me and held me and supported me to let go in a way that I know I could only do because of your beautiful company. the combination of what we learned from Deborah and Wendy was exquisite. I loved remembering how to breathe again! And to cautiously hear the power of my voice in its beauty and non beauty. The chanting was scary and awesome. The movement was so yummy. The combination of breathing chanting voicing and movement was WOW! I can’t even find the words to describe how amazing this weekend was. Finally the greatest proof about how incredible this weekend was is that every single day since the weekend I have been able to effortlessly create space in my day to continue practising the breathing, chanting, movement practises that we learned and they are starting to shift and change as my body takes over and tells me how it wants to move and what sounds it wants to make. I feel like I am humming and more solid and at peace. as I release the pain that was stored in my body for years it’s just so weird that it feels so exquisite to move through that pain and feel the warmth that comes after….and I love it!! If you’re reading this right now and you need some radical self nourishment….when the course comes up again…all I can say is take it take it take it! dare to do the nicest thing you could ever do for yourself. And bring your sisters, your daughters, your mothers, your coworkers and delight in the biggest experience of love I have ever felt. Lisa.Huffman

I was at Deborah Brodey and Wendy Roman’s fabulous retreat up North at Rhythmwood this past fall and the experience gave me insight and perspective about myself. I learned how to connect to nature and I felt safe in this environment to explore different parts of the self.  It was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend doing a Radical Self Nourishment Retreat! Thank you so much for the insightful journey!

Beverley Rosenberg

What a radical weekend this was. I am a fan and even a lover of transformation… I never thought that I could heal through movement.. and expressive arts! This combination of Deborah Brodey’s Radical Self nourishment through Niyamas, vedic chanting, sounding and yoga ..mixed and beautifully integrated with Wendy Roman movement and Nia facilitation was MY winning combo!!! Introspection and dance … instinctual and effortless.

We as a powerful group shared through dance, words, chant, sound and even our food. Our lake dip to finish the cleansing…. magical and bonding! This weekend will stay with me for a long time. I am in awe of this powerful combination and Rhythmwood, the space, the land, the forest. Thank you for being there for me and for all… Shifting the web together and now a time for sacred sisterhood.

Maria J Diaz

Intuitive Creative Strategist

I appreciated how Deborah infused sacred ceremony to create a safe container as we dove into our cleansing retreat using sanskrit chanted with yoga, self inquiring meditations, and sound circles. It was an absolute pleasure to meet Wendy and bask in the energy of the wonderful Rhythmwood and her loving vibration and spirit of dance. I appreciated how she blended her soft caring voice with the musical and poetic selections as she led all of us through a cleansing flowing DOWH session.  Overall, there were many different aspects of the retreat that I loved: Rick’s cooking (Yummy!), the dance studio, the artwork on the walls, the hens, your dog, the trees, the sunrise at Huron Lake, the use of the drum, and all the women that attended. The environment and the loving group called forth songs from my heart. Thank you once again for everything. I am looking forward to attending another event! Much love and light! Naomi Benoist

September 2016