Radical Self-Nourishment 7 week Program

Radical Self Nourishment 7 week Program

Level 1

Dates: TBA

Program Investment: $840

or 3 payments of $299. 

7 Workshops plus 1 individual session to custom tailor your own practice: $989

or 3 payments of $359. 

It would be a great honour to walk with you and support you on your journey to even greater levels of authenticity and radical self nourishment if it is calling you.

Program Dates & Explorations:

Week 1 –  Getting Started

We will begin with introductions, setting a safe and sacred container for our work together and clarifying our intentions. We will then have an overview of the 5 Niyamas, a sharing circle and practices to get us started!

Week 2  –   Sauca: Internal Cleansing

This session will cover a wide range of experiential practices and timeless teachings on cleansing practice as a foundation for Radical Self Nourishment.

Week 3 –  Santosha: Cultivating Contentment 

In this session we will access santosha through various practices that are appropriate to you, including discovering what’s in the way of you experiencing contentment and developing processes and practices to clear out these obstacles while nourishing and activating joy, contentment, gratitude and self-love.

Week 4 –  Tapas: The Alchemy of Practice: 

Discipline & practice as purification & transmutation. Implementing a regular practice plan that you will want to do! What are the practices that lead to true Radical Self Nourishment? Why practice is important in building your energy body and preventing leakages. Learn the secret to finding the discipline to do steady practice joyfully. In this workshop you will experience practices that nourish every level of your system drawing from various tools from yoga, sacred sound, and earth medicine as is appropriate to our group.

Week 5 – Svadhyaya: Self Awareness: 

In this magical and powerful session we will explore practices as a powerful mirror and self reflection tool to learn about ourselves and receive the messages from the different dimensions of our being. You will be also be guided on a magical journeying process to receive your own messages from your higher levels and your inner child.

Week 6 – Ishvara Pranidhan: The Art of Surrender: 

In this session we will explore and cultivate our relationship with surrender and how to let go through a variety of surrender practices and processes as well as a surrender ritual. We will also look at how this internal process and attitude can impact our actions in our lives and the world.

Week 7 –  Integration 

Our final session will be an integration session to assist us in embodying, learning and applying  how the Niyamas work together in our lives. We will by co-creating a commitment ceremony for right relationship with ourselves, others and the earth. This will be a unique ceremony that will strengthen your relationship with yourself, open your heart and assist you with the integration of all that you have been practicing throughout the program and align you with the earth and all of life.

There are 8 magical spots available! Apply now to secure your place