Full Moon Yoga Nidra online e-class

Full Moon Yoga Nidra
online e-class



Clarify your resolve with Deborah Brodey’s Full Moon Yoga Nidra e-class! The energies are very powerful when the Moon is full supporting us to go deep within using a powerful and ancient yogic technique called Yoga Nidra, which, translates as conscious sleep. It is a deeply relaxing and restorative meditative practice which develops the minds capacity to be aware of our inside world. The practice takes us through the many dimensions of our human system: the physical, energetic, mental, deeper personality and spiritual dimensions. We will begin the class by clarifying your intentions and resolve and then we will plant the seeds of your intentions and resolve deep into your subconscious mind through a yoga nidra practice.

In this e-class you will:

Clarify and create a powerful resolve.

Align with the powerful energies of the full moon.

Receive teachings and the benefits of deep relaxation practice.

Experience a yoga nidra practice that you can revisit again and again through the year to support your resolve, release stress and enhance creativity.

Learn an easy meditation practice that you can and want to do!

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