Embody Your Voice

with Deborah Brodey and Wendalyn Bartley

Embody Your Voice Workshop

with Deborah Brodey and Wendalyn Bartley

High Park

Meet at Parkside and Bloor Street West.

 Sunday July 15 / 1:00 -5:00 pm

$ 80 ($65 Early Bird until July 3, 2018)

Building from our 6 month Embody Your Voice sound circle series at Inner Arts Collective, we will be offering a more immersive experience in Nature. This will include vocal warmups, listening exercises, and a Sound Walk in a select area of High Park that will include the sonic activist practice of offering nourishment and connection through sound to Nature. Our Workshop will culminate at the Labyrinth where we will connect with Ariadne, the Cretan Snake Goddess, the “Lady of the Labyrinth”, and intentionally explore the patterns and sacred geometry of the labyrinth with walking and vocal sounding. The Labyrinth as a dance! 



This powerful Workshop will include:

Group voice work

Labyrinth Sounding Ritual

Listening Sound Walk

Sonic activism to the trees, water and Land

Voice/Body Exercises

Invocations to the Sacred Feminine

BRING: Water, hat, sunscreen, snacks, light-weight little towel or small blanket for sitting on, backpack.   Come prepared to walk with comfortable walking shoes.

To Register: Preregistration is required. Send an email to sounddreaming@gmail.com 
For payment, please an e-transfer to sounddreaming@gmail.com or make alternate arrangements. 

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Wendalyn Bartley

Wendalyn Bartley is a Toronto-based composer, sonic oracle, creative vocal coach and Soul Voice soundhealing practitioner whose artistic and healing work has been dedicated to the restoration of the voice of the feminine and of the earth. Currently, she is writing a book on the silencing of the female voice, weaving together cultural history, mythological story, and her personal creative journey. Her album Sound Dreaming: Oracle Songs from Ancient Ritual Spaces is created from vocalizations made at temple and cave sites in Malta and Crete and can be streamed online at www.wendalyn.ca

About Deborah Brodey

Deborah Brodey is a vocal sound healer, yoga teacher, recording sound artist and singer. She has studied and practiced sacred sound and sound healing for over 15 years. Deborah is passionate about sharing the healing power of vocal sound work with others through her Radical Self Nourishment Programs and her Find Your Voice work. She released her first album Portals of Sound in 2014.