Embody Your Voice

with Deborah Brodey and Wendalyn Bartley

Embody Your Voice For Winter Solstice 

with Deborah Brodey and Wendalyn Bartley 

Inner Arts Collective                                                           257 Danforth Avenue

Saturday December 21, 2019 7:00pm – 9:00 pm


The Winter Solstice is almost here – this magical time of entering into the darkness to touch the strands of the coming light. And that’s exactly what you are invited to participate in on December 21 with Deborah Brodey and Wendalyn Bartley as we use our voices to connect with and embody these threads of new light and bring this energy into our lives and into the world.

We will be calling on Winter Solstice Goddess Saule, one of several Nordic solstice goddesses known as “Mother Night” who spun light during this darkest time of the year in order to nurture the dormant seeds lying in the dark womb of the earth. Through our voices we will explore the sounds of spinning light and sonically spread filaments of light out into the world to bring harmony, balance and compassion.

All are welcome, and although no sounding or singing experience is necessary, we invite you to bring your curiosity and sense of adventure.

This powerful Circle will include:

Group voice work

Connect with Winter Solstice Energies. 

Sounding Embodiment Practices

Experience a powerful Sound Bath Journey.

Develop listening and Improvisation skills.

BRING: Please bring a journal, something to write with, and water to drink.


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Wendalyn Bartley

Wendalyn Bartley is a Toronto-based composer, sonic oracle, creative vocal coach and Soul Voice soundhealing practitioner whose artistic and healing work has been dedicated to the restoration of the voice of the feminine and of the earth. Currently, she is writing a book on the silencing of the female voice, weaving together cultural history, mythological story, and her personal creative journey. Her album Sound Dreaming: Oracle Songs from Ancient Ritual Spaces is created from vocalizations made at temple and cave sites in Malta and Crete and can be streamed online at www.wendalyn.ca

About Deborah Brodey

Deborah Brodey is a vocal sound healer, yoga teacher, recording sound artist and singer. She has studied and practiced sacred sound and sound healing for over 15 years. Deborah is passionate about sharing the healing power of vocal sound work with others through her Radical Self Nourishment Programs and her Find Your Voice work. She released her first album Portals of Sound in 2014.