Intro to Radical Self Nourishment

Intro to Radical Self Nourishment

Join Deborah in this powerful introductory workshop offered where you will nourish your Self deeply and connect with your voice in a new way.


This workshop is for you:

if you are a newly awakening changemaker on a healing path who has a passionate desire to change yourself for the better while changing the world.

If you want to find your voice and come into your own power.

If you ever feel exhausted, and depleted from overgiving and a lack of self care.

In this workshop, you will:

Learn about 5 powerful ancient yogic attitudes that are key to cultivating and integrating Radical Self Nourishment into your life.

Experience the power of sharing in community in a sacred circle.

Tap into the power of your voice & begin a process of releasing old patterns and trapped energies.

Experience a powerful self-compassion practice.

Learn new tools that you can share with your students and clients.

Please Bring

A sacred item to put on the collective altar

Pen & paper


To register, please email